Spanish Language reading club

Club de Lectura


One of the best ways to improve your Spanish language abilities is by reading and as most of our students are avid readers, we are launching a Spanish Book Club or "Club de Lectura en Español"

We will study one book per course, and the length and price of the course will depend on the length of the book.

Sessions will be conducted twice a week so that students can prepare the material for each session.


Students must acquire the book prior to the class and start reading the first chapters. Upon registration, the professor will contact students to let them know what they should prepare for the class.  

The Club de Lectura en Español is only available for students with intermediate and advance levels.


All of our Spanish Language Classes are on zoom.  


October 2022

100 años de soledad

Author: Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Mondays and Fridays at 5:00 PM *Oaxaca Time

From Oct 11to Dec 17

Twice a Week

20 sessions

Class By Marycarmen Olivares

Book available on Amazon: 100 Años de Soledad



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